Certain default diagram queries cannot be edited using the query wizard in Vista



While attempting to edit a datalog viewer in Vista, the following message appears:

This query cannot be edited using the Query Wizard. It can be edited directly using "Edit SQL".

After you click OK, the Query Wizard will not appear and you will be returned to the Data/Event Log Viewer configuration screen.

ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x


Some of the Data/Event Log Viewer queries within certain default diagrams needed to contain special functions in order to display data from their associated devices. However, the Query Wizard does not recognize special functions and will automatically remove them from a query if it finds them.

Therefore, these queries have been marked with a special comment to identify them as being "custom" so that they cannot be altered by the Query Wizard. For example, you might see the following comment within the text of a query associated with a Data/Event Log Viewer:

-- Custom Query: cannot edit using Query Wizard

If the Query Wizard detects this "custom query" identifier, it will display the message box as shown above.

*Warning : Before editing a Data/Event Log Viewer query that is part of a default diagram, it is important to save a copy of the original query. That way, you will be able to revert to it later if necessary.

You can still use the "Edit SQL" facility available from the Query tab on the Data/Event Log Viewer Configuration screen in order to edit the text of the query directly: