How to move a meter program when device types are not compatible.



When trying to upload a template of a different meter type, ION Setup returns the following error:

Product Line:
ION 73xx, 75xx, 76xx, 8300, 8400, 8500, 86xx
ION Setup
ION Enterprise
Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Devices

Although some ION devices are member of the same family their templates are not fully compatible.
It is not possible to directly upload a .DCF (device configuration file) to a meter that is coming from a different meter type.
Exceptions to this are members of the 8xxx family. Devices of this family with direct copy availability can be found in the following article:
Can ION8300/ION8400/ION8500 Templates Be Uploaded to ION8600 or ION8650 meters?

ION Setup determines the template compatibility by checking the header of the dcf:
If it detects the device types are not matching, the upload will abort.

*Warning: Take backups of any meter's framework prior to modifying them.

In some cases (when a customized framework has been developed), it is useful to upload a .DCF to a different meter type.
This article provides a workaround to export needed programming into a different type of device using ION Enterprise or Power Monitoring Expert Designer.
Designer offers the possibility to copy pieces of framework, instead of a complete meter template.
  1. Upload your .DCF with the customized framework in a compatible meter, using the Setup Assistant in ION Setup
  2. Connect to this meter using Designer
  3. Select the pieces of framework you wish to export. Go to "Edit" and select "Copy to Framework". This will save the framework in a .FWN file on the hard-drive

  4. In Designer, connect to a 2nd meter having the type you want to export the custom programming to
  5. Go to "Edit" and select "Paste from Framework" and select the .FWN file saved in a previous step.  This will paste the framework from the other meter
  6. Open ION Setup, connect to the 2nd meter, and save the .DCF using the Setup Assistant as a full backup of your new meters configuration.
ION Setup can be used to complete steps 4-6 listed above
NOTE: Using this method will override any modules already existing in the meter with information contained in the fwn file.
  1. Complete steps 1-3 listed above in the Designer option
  2. In ION Setup, connect to a 2nd meter having the type you want to export the custom programming to
  3. In the Setup Assistant select Template then Send to Meter
  4. Click Send
  5. Above the Open button you will find a drop down menu
  6. Change this to Partial ION Framework File
  7. Find the FWN file previously saved and begin upload
  8. Once the FWN is loaded return to the Setup Assistant and Select Template> Save to PC to save a full DCF of the new meters configuration.

More Information
Ensure the modules contained in the piece of framework are compatible between the two meter types.
For example, it is not possible to paste a framework containing Transient Modules in a 7550, because this meter doesn't offer this feature.