Detailed ION Transient Module Operation



The ION Reference guide doesn't have an example that explains the transient module and it's operation in detail

Product Line
ION7550/7650, ION8650(A only)

The following calculations show exactly how the transient module calculates the maximum transient voltage. It is intended to supplement the ION Reference description of this module.

To calculate the magnitude of the first transient, this is the correct process:



In the second transient:


Please note that the predicted normal is based on a series of previous waveforms whereas the nominal value is programmed by the user.

The nominal voltage input is supplied from the sag/swell NomVolts setup register. For a WYE system (3 wire or 4 wire), the nominal voltage must be in terms of Phase-Neutral voltages. For Delta system, the nominal voltage must be in terms of phase-phase. 

The default  framework is configured such that the sag/swell module will disable the transient module when a disturbance is in progress.