Video: What is the Setup Counter or Update Period of a ION Module?



This article explains what the Setup Counter and Update Period (high speed or once per second) are used for and how to use it for diagnostic purposes.

Product Line
ION Enterprise
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.X
EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert 8.x


The user does not know what the setup counter or update period of a module are. 


Open PME Designer and open your meters diagram. You need to already be connected and communicating to your meter. Click on the Options menu and make sure that Show Toolbox is checked. Select the module that you are interested in. Click on the Options menu again and choose View Text Diagram as shown below.


A screen named Text View will appear. In the View drop down list, you can use Diagnostic or Archive.

The Diagnostic view contains more detailed information (for example class) about the inputs, outputs and the setup registers. It also shows the setup counter of the module. The setup counter keeps track of the changes made to the module. Whenever the module has a setup change, this counter gets incremented. The log inserter observes the value of this counter and every time it changes, the log inserter polls the modules settings.

The update period is also shown, under the setup counter, which states whether the module is high speed or not.