Meter wiring troubleshooting for Powerlogic series meters



A user would like to verify wiring on a Powerlogic series meter

Product Line
PM600 series 
PM800 series
CM2000 series 
CM3000 series 
CM4000 series 

Powerlogic series metering


It may be desirable for a user to check meter wiring for general verification or troubleshooting purposes.

A quick check for proper readings consists of kW comparison (calculated per equation and compared to the meter reading) and a reasonable lagging 3-phase average power factor reading.
Information regarding this check, as well as further troubleshooting methods can be found in the attached "Verify_Meter_Readings" document.

If the meter values are similar to the calculated values, and are within the expected range, there is no reason to proceed with troubleshooting. If this is not true, additional phasor diagram verification will need to ensue. Reference the attached documents ("Phasor_diagram_Verification_3wire" or "Phasor_diagram_Verification_4wire") for detailed information regarding this step. The respective Phasor diagram tools required can be found attached below.