What do the different Site status messages mean in the Management Console?



An indication of communication issues between devices and the server/software is displayed and can be quickly accessed using Management Console. 
An explanation of the various states that may be shown within the Status field is listed below to aid in troubleshooting.

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.0.x
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x / 8.x

Management Console

The status field in the Devices or the Sites panel of the Management Console can contain a number of different states.
These are explained below:

Can't connect All attempts to connect to a port have failed due to a remote problem
Connected The port is connected to the designated channel
Connecting... The port is connecting to the designated channel
Disabled The port (or gate) is disabled
Disabled... The port (or gate) was connected and was disabled and is now disconnecting
Disconnected The port is disconnected
Disconnecting... The port is disconnecting
Failure An unrecoverable error occurred on the channel associated with the port.  This typically means that an attempt to close an open channel failed.
Port Available (serial and modem sites only) Indicates the state of the comm port associated with the device
Port Blocked (serial sites and modem sites only) Indicates the state of the comm port associated with the device
Queued The port connection has been pre-empted by a higher priority request or cannot be serviced because of an existing higher priority connection.
Resolving... A connection has been bumped by a higher priority request and is being disconnected.  The desired state for this connection has yet to be determined.
Unroutable There are no viable routes for the connection request.  There are no compatible channels, or all compatible channels are disabled.