Video: How do I download/copy a waveform from ION Setup?



A user may want to copy a meter's waveform from ION Setup into Excel.

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup Waveform Log
Microsoft Excel

User wants to copy the waveform logs generated in ION Setup.

Once in ION Setup Software, navigate to Data Screens>>Waveform Log and open the desired waveform(s). Follow this procedure to copy the waveform data and paste into an Excel document:
1)  Click on the desired waveform label (see below).
2)  Open the Edit menu and choose 'Copy'.
3)  Open Excel and paste data in a new spreadsheet.
This will paste the raw data, which you will then be able to re-graph sections or the whole graph in your preferred graph type.

See video below for an example: