How to format disk on chip (DOC) on a CM4000/3000.



How to format the disk on chip of a CM3000 or CM4000 series meter

Product Line

Configuring Hardware

When formatting of the chip is required

Caution: Remember that if this CM is host to an ECC21 that all web pages will be lost.

The procedure to format the DOC is as follows. Using a modbus read/write utility:

  1. Setup Command Result Pointers:
    • Write 8020 to register 8017
    • Write 8021 to register 8018
    • Write 8022 to register 8019
  2. Write 9020 to register 8000 to open an editing session.
  3. Verify commands:
    • Verify register 8017 reads 9020
    • Verify register 8018 reads 0
  4. Write 7010 to register 8000 to format the DOC
  5. Verify commands:
    • Verify register 8017 reads 7010
    • Verify register 8018 reads 0
  6. Write 1 to register 8001 to save changes.
  7. Write 9021 to register 8000 to close the editing session.This will cause a meter reset and the DOC will be formatted after the meter is reset

Note: After formatting the DOC, all files must be reconfigured using ION Setup or PME.