What could be causing a device error 513 while attempting to download firmware using DLF-3000?



While upgrading firmware for a Powerlogic meter using DLF-3000, the upgrade is unable to complete due to a Error 513.

Product Line

Firmware Upgrade

This corresponds to a negative acknowledgement from the device. There is either an issue with the serial communication settings, or the ethernet connection is being used by another program.
This is causing a negative acknowledge from the target device.

If this error occurs while connected serially, make sure the protocol mode is PowerLogic and the parity is EVEN.
Using Modbus mode or Parity of NONE will not work over a serial connection.

If this error occurs while connected over ethernet, make sure that there are no ION or SMS services communicating with the device.
With SMS, make sure SMS is not constantly polling, logging, or uploading.
With ION Enterprise or PME, stop the ION Network router service before sending firmware to the meter.