What are the advantages to using onboard data logging?



What are the advantages to using onboard data logging versus PC or server based logging?

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Powerlogic Meters, PMxxx, CMxxx
ION Meters

Schneider Electric Devices connected with Schneider Electric Monitoring Software

PC/ Server/ Software based logging is not optimum if the meter has onboard memory to collect and log data.
In the case of a network outage or loss of communication to a specific device the use of onboard data logs prevents loss of data.
The meter/device simply holds the data until a request to upload is sent from the server after communication has been restored.

Onboard logging can also give the user a better picture of sequence of events as there is not network delay in logging the occurences.

However, it should be noted that some devices do not offer onboard memory and must completely log their data via the server software. Where onboard memory is not available this is the option that is available to collect data.

Please consult the meter's user guide to discover if it has onboard memory and decide the best options for your devices.