What is the part number for PM800 hardware kit?



What is the part number for PM800 hardware kit?

Product Line 
PM800 Series (PM810, PM820, PM850, PM870)

Customer wants to order connectors for PM800 series meter (like voltage input connector, Power Supply Connector, and ect.)

Mounting connectors on PM800 series meter

The part number for PM800 hardware kit is 63230-500-16

The Kit contains the following hardware:

1- Meter template for the cutout = part # 63230-500-09
1- KYCS Output/Input connector = part # 63230-500-29
1- RS485 2 wire connector = part # 63230-500-30
1- Control Power Connector = part # 63230-500-31
2- Retainer spring clips for mounting = part # 63230-500-38 (NOTE: This part number is compatible only with integrated display meter only)
1 - 2-Wire RS485 Terminator MCT2W =63230-500-59
1- Voltage input connector = 63230-500-28

Please review document attach along this article which shows pictures of each connectors and where do they mount on PM800 series meter.