Does the Firmware in the CM4 Require Upgrading Prior to Installing the Transient Module (CVMT)?



Does the firmware in the CM4 require upgrading prior to installing the transient module (CVMT)?

Product Line

CM4xxx with Current/Voltage Module Transient (CVMT) module

Firmware V12.04 (or greater) is required to recognize the CVMT module.
Older meters that are being upgraded to a 4T may have a problem since they could have firmware previous to V12.04.

It is recommended to update the firmware (>= 12.04) prior to changing the module out to make sure there are no issues.

Access to firmware upgrade instructions, including a how-to video and a link to the latest firmware can
be found at: FA237920

Additionally, supporting documents and file downloads on this and a wide variety of other products and topics may be
obtained using the search function found at the: Download Center