How can I disable my communications loss alarms in SMS or change them to a different alarm level?




If an SMS system is experiencing frequent communications loss alarms, the user may not want to be alerted with an audible or flashing alarm. 

Product Line:

System Manager Software


An SMS system with the default alarms severity that has frequent communications loss alarms.


The communications loss severity is set to 1. This severity is associated with flashing red text and an audible alarm. 


Go to the SMS Configuration under the Diagnostics Tab you will see a setting for Comms Loss Alarm Level. You can select levels 0-9 here which corresponds with the settings for PC Based Alarms 0-9.


After selecting the desired level, close the SMS setup utility and restart the SMS services to apply the changes. 


Note: The behavior that each severity level has can be viewed and configured in the SMS Setup Utility under Setup>Functions and Alarms>Global Functions. Highlight any function and select "Setpoints>>". From here, click "Severity". This is the global severity behavior for all functions and alarms.

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Related ranges: System Manager 4.0, System Manager 3.3