Vista Time vs. WebReach Time



The Vista time display does not match the PME Diagrams/WebReach time or the meter's Clock module local time output

Product Line
ION Enterprise 5.x, 6.x
PME 7.x, 8.x

PME WebReach

The DST offset adjusts the UTC time according to the DST start and end dates for the correct local time (internal to the meter). The local time you see in Vista is adjusted using the local PC time zone/DST settings, not the meter settings.
The internal local (based on the DST settings) of the meter is used in WebReach. WebReach uses meter universal time and applies the meter Clock module settings to calculate the local time.


If the local time output of the meter Clock module does not agree with Vista, check your Clock module settings on the meter. 

Also, in Vista time will not be shown correctly if the meter is in a different timezone than the server.