Procedure for Resetting accumulated Energy from the front panel of the Series 2000 Circuit Monitor (CM2000)



Resetting Accumlated Energy (Watthours and Varhours) in a CM2000 via Front Panel Display

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CM2000 series meter

Accumulated energy reset


Below is the steps to follow to reset accumulated energy from CM2xxx front panel:

1. Use the MODE button to change to [Setup] mode, and the circuit monitor displays “ConFig.”

2. Press the blue down arrow button until the display says “rESETS.”

3. Press the Enter (Phase) button to go into Resets Mode, and enter the 0000 password as you did before.

4. Press the PHASE [Enter] button until the Watthour Meter, AND the Varhour Meter LED’s are lit.

5. Press the up arrow SELECT METER [Value] button to change the circuit monitor display from No to Yes. This means: “Yes, I want to reset these values”. 

6. Press the MODE button once to get ready to do the resets.

7. The red LED next to [Accept] should be flashing. To perform the reset(s), use the blue arrow button to change the No to Yes, and then press the [Enter] button. This is when the reset happens.

8. The circuit monitor performs the resets and returns to METERS mode.

Note: A special “Reset” password can be set up to allow an operator to perform resets only. The master password can then be protected to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent changes to circuit monitor configuration values, alarm and relay setup, etc.

There is a pdf document attached to this article with the instructions above.