How to display On-Board Data from a CM2000 or PM650 using SMS



Product Line:
System Manager Software (SMS)

Meter Front Display

Typically, you will view historical data from Series 2000 Circuit Monitor or Power Meter 650 onboard data log files in the form of a history table or time-trend plot. If you want to retrieve and view on-board data directly from a device, use these feature.
These feature let you retrieve, view, and print the following circuit monitor onboard files:

  • 14 data log files
  • Onboard alarm log file 
  • Min/max log file
  • Maintenance log file ​
or, from the Power Meter 650:
  • the one data log file

To retrieve onboard data from a circuit monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Click Display > Onboard Data File. SMS displays the Display On-Board Data File dialog box.
  2. Devices: click a series 2000 circuit monitor or Power Meter 650.
  3. On-Board Files: click the file that you want to view.
The file information window at the bottom of the dialog box shows information about the selected onboard file including the number of records stored in the file, the logging interval, and more. To view a list of the quantities that are included in the log file, click View Quantities.
  1. Click the Upload button.
SMS retrieves the data from the circuit monitor and displays it in a window.
  1. To print the data, click Print on the File menu.
  2. To save the data to a file, click Save As on the File menu. SMS displays the Save Onboard Data File dialog box. Choose a location, enter a filename, and select the desired Save As type. Click Save. SMS saves the data in the selected file format.