How do you read/write registers from the front display of a CM4000 and a CM3000?



Product Line
CM4000 and CM3000

Registers on the front display.


To Read/Write to a register follow the procedure below:

  1. From the Front Panel Main Menu, select Diagnostics
  2. Select Read/Write Regs. The password prompt displays.
  3. Select your password. The default password is 0.
  4. The Read/Write Registers Screen displays. The table below explains the different formats.
  5. To scroll through the register numbers use the arrow buttons
  6. To change the value in the register, press the enter button.
    1. The Hex and Dec values begin to blink.
    2. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the numeric values.
  7. When you are finished making changes to that register, press the enter button to continue to the next register or press the menu button to save the changes.
Option Available Values
Reg List the register numbers.
Hex List the hexidecimal value of that register.
Dec List the decimal value of that register
*If you are viewing a scaled metered value, such as voltage, the circuit monitor updates the displayed value as the register contents change and scale factors are not taken into account in this view. This is the raw value with no scale factor applied. *
*NOTE: Some circuit monitor registers are read/write and some are read only. You can write to read/write registers only.
See the attached document for the original instruction release which also works for the CM3000 as well.