Is there a way to Set factory default configuration for logs and alarms in the CM3 and CM4?



Is it possible to reset the data logs and alarms in the CM3000 and CM4000 Series meters?

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Meter Commands

*Warning: All custom alarms and logs will be lost and disabled.*

In order to reset the data and alarm logs, write 1130 to register 8000.

To write to a register from a computer download Modbus tester from FA180037. Once Modbus Tester is open:

  1. Enter the IP address related to the meter.
  2. Enter the Slave ID (the Com ports unit ID).
  3. Enter 8000 as your Starting Register.
  4. Enter 1 for # of Registers
  5. Enter 1130 in the box to the right of 408000.
  6. Click Write.
To write from the front display:
  1. From the Front Panel Main Menu, select Diagnostics
  2. Select Read/Write Regs. The password prompt displays.
  3. Select your password. The default password is 0.
  4. The Read/Write Registers Screen displays.
  5. Scroll through the register numbers with the arrow buttons
  6. Write 1130 to register 8000 by pressing the enter button on register 8000.
    1. The Hex and Dec values begin to blink.
    2. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the numeric values.
    3. Set the register to 1130.
  7. Press the menu button to save the changes.
*Reference CM3000 Register List Commands Page (Page 314).
*Reference CM4000 Register List Commands Page (Page 359).