Can a Powerlogic meter, using Modbus RTU or Jbus protocol, communicate over Modems?



Are Powerlogic meters able to communicate with Modbus or Jbus over modems?

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Transmit and receive times over Modbus RTU 

No, a Modbus RTU or Jbus device will not communicate over Modems. These devices use Modbus RTU as their Transmission Mode. There are 2 different types of Modbus Transmission Modes: RTU and ASCII. Current Powerlogic devices only support the Modbus RTU Transmission Mode. Current Modems are configured for Modbus ASCII transmissions. Due to the character-to-character packet makeup, and due to the transmit and receive response time of Modbus RTU, sending and receiving Modbus RTU data over Modems cannot be accomplished. However, the E-Server can be used with Enercept Meters to bring in logged ASCII information over a modem. The E-server is equipped with a modem as standard and can handle a log of up to 20 parameters (ie., current A-phase from 20 Enercepts or 20 parameters from one Enercept).