What is the power supply specifications for the Twido Modular Controller?



Power specifications for the Twido Modular Controllers.

Product Line:

To determine the inrush current that is acceptable for the Twido not to damage the card.

The following table provides power supply information for the Modular controller.

Power supply voltage Rated power voltage; 24 vdc
Allowable range; 20.4 to 26.4 vdc
Failure depends on quantity of used inputs and output points. Generally, failure is detected when voltage drops below 20.4 vdc, stopping operation to prevent malfunction.
Inrush current flow at power-up 50 Amps maximum
Power supply wiring UL1015 AWG22 (0.64 mm) or UL1007 AWG18 (1.02 mm)
Make the power supply wiring as short as possible.
Ground wiring UL1015 AWG22 (0.64 mm) or UL1007 AWG18 (1.02 mm)
Do not connect ground wire in common with ground wire of motor EQUIPMENT.

Note: The Twido Product line is obsolete and has been replaced by the M221 line, for more information on this contact your local distributor or Schneider Electric sales office.