Can variables as well as the direct address be displayed on the LL984 network in Concept?



Yes, this can be done using the Offset References command in Concept. This must be done offline.
With a 984LL section open in Concept, go to the menu <Edit> <Offset References>.

You will need to know how many references are configured. 0X, 1X, 3X and 4X (PLC Configurator)..

Enter the first 0X reference in 'First Reference' column of the first line, followed by 'Last Reference'.
Do this for the 0X, 1X, 3X and 4X references.

IMPORTANT: The Offset Inc column must be filled in on each entry. Enter '0'.

Click on <Sections> and choose the 984LL sections that you want to link to the variables.
Check <Substitute variables if they exist> and hit <Offset>.
You should see a status box telling you how many references have been changed.

When viewing the 984LL section, you must be in Expanded view <View>.