Is it possible to convert a TSX NANO program to a M221 controller ?



Issue:Can a TSX NANO program be converted  into a M221 controller?

Product line:
TSX NANO, Twido, M221

TwidoSuite, TwidoSoft, Ecostruxure Machine Expert Basic (formally SoMachine Basic Basic)

Product obsolesence and upgrade. 

Yes. You will need a copy of the NANO program that will be in a .TXT format. Open TwidoSuite or TwidoSoft software and create a new project and then go to the program section and import the .TXT
file and it will import the logic. Once in the Twido software you will have either a .TWD, .XAR, or a .XPR. file With one of these files you can then open the Ecostruxure Machine Expert Basic software and 
open project and select the correct file extension and point to it and open it will import into the M221.

Note The Twido is now obsolete and replaced by the M221 so once you import to the Twido software you will then be able to import to the SoMachine Basic software.