What would cause error "SA85 adapter or driver not installed" when trying to go online to my PLC via Modbus Plus with ProWORX NxT?



Below are some possible causes.
1. The adapter must be installed as either device 0 or 1. This can be verified in the MBX Driver Suite -> Configuration -> MBX Device Drivers tab.
2. "Support 16-bit Windows Applications" must be selected. This can be selected in the MBX Driver Suite -> Configuration -> Virtual MBX Driver tab. (If this tab does not exist, you must use the installation CD and install the Virtual Device Driver).
3. The NetBIOS Vector selected in the Virtual MBX Driver Configuration tab must match the entry in the ProWORX NxT "Interrupt" section of the Communication Setup.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212715 V1.0, Originally authored by RoAl on 10/09/2013, Last Edited by RoAl on 10/09/2013
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