How can I create a copy of my 'Equal' Concept 2.60 project so that I can use it to be 'Equal' from another folder location on my PC?



There is a utility available for this called "Concept Converter". It is automatically installed with a Concept Installation. You can find it by going to <start>, <Concept> and then Concept Converter. After launching this utility, you select <File>, <Export>, then "Project with used DFBs (Re-Connect to Equal)" and browse to the project that you want to export. This will create a new file in the location that the project currently resides with an ASC extension (projectname.asc). You place a copy of this file into the new folder location and use <File>, <Import>, then browse to the new location and select the projectname.asc file and import it. This will create a project at this new location that you can use with Concept and re-connect equal.