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What is the part number for the 40pt FCN terminal block for a BMXDDI3202K?



A FCN terminal block is not available. There are only cables with a mating FCN connector on one end and either a pigtail of wires or HE10 connectors on the other end.
The part numbers for the cables with a pigtail of wires are as follows:
BMXFCW303 - 3m
BMXFCW503 - 5m
BMXFCW1003 - 10m

The part numbers for the cables with HE10 connectors are as follows:
BMXFCC053 - 0.5m
BMXFCC103 - 1m
BMXFCC203 - 2m
BMXFCC303 - 3m
BMXFCC503 - 5m
BMXFCC1003 - 10m