When attempting to change the variable on an FBD pin by clicking on the ellipsis to the left of the red X and green check mark, Unity seems to lock up. Why?



This can be caused by using Unity on a PC that alternates between single and dual monitor layouts. If a window is left on a second monitor one day, it may not show up when in a single monitor environment the next day. Sometimes adding a second monitor and dragging the window back onto the host monitor will resolve this. If all else fails, you can alter the registry editor to reset everything to the default settings.
****Please be advised that by going into the registry editor you can render the computer unusable by altering the wrong items. If you are unfamiliar with or unsure about using the registry editor, please contact your IT department. On some PCs, you will not have access to the registry editor at all.****

Close Unity Pro.
Using classic windows, Select: Start - Run then type in regedit and hit OK.
Select: HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Schneider Electric / Unity Pro XL / ProductVersion0 and delete Options key

If this does not fix it, you will need to reinstall.


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