How do you get a Twido controller to come up in run on a power cycle?



How can you get a Twido Controller to come up in run after you cycle power?

Product line:
Twido all controllers

TwidoSoft, TwidoSuite

After power cycle the Twido did not come back up in run.


To have the Twido come up in run on a power cycle, you will open the project and do the following steps from the Program Tab.
Configure than Configure the behavior.

The default is that the "Automatic start in run" is not checked and will need a check in it in order for it to start in run on a power cycle.

At this point you can save project changes and download to controller.

Note: The Twido controllers are obsolete and have been replaced by the M221, contact local distributor os Schneider Sales office for more information on the upgrade.