Can you connect to a TWDLCAA16DRF over Ethernet using TwidoSuite?



The TWDLCAA16DRF does not have an Ethernet port, only a serial port. You can add a 499TWD01100
Modbus to Ethernet bridge to it and the IP address is stored in the PLC and not the bridge. Recommend purchasing
the programming cable TSXCUSB485 and the TSXCRJMD25 for serial communication to talk to
the PLC to get the program.

Note: The Twido line was made obsolete in 2015 and the direct replacement for this is the M221 product line. The M221 every controller you can get with or without Ethernet and the SoMachine Basic software is free and the Twido program can be imported into it. For more information on this contact your local distributor or Schneider sales office.