Communication loss between the TSXETG100 ethernet gateways and all ethernet networks.




Every 5 minutes this device drops off all ethernet networks.
TSXETG100 Version 3.000 Firmware Upgrade
This firmware version provides improved validation of the IP Address, and the IP Address / Subnet Mask combination.
Resolves ARP cache issues and improves web diagnostics.
To properly update the TSXETG100:
1. Transfer the version 3.000 firmware file (eg03000.bin) to your computer.
2. Via FTP, copy the eg03000.bin file from your computer to the root directory of the TSXETG100.
Do not remove power until programming is complete. Once the file transfer is complete, the TSXETG100 will automatically reboot.
Refer to the TSXETG100 users guide if you need more information
3. Verify that the download was a success by browsing the Firmware Version in the Gateway Information section of the Diagnostics page.
Note. During firmware updates, communication to serial devices through the TSXETG100 is not available.