What is the Magelis replacement for XBTH011010?



The XBTH011010 has been replaced by the XBTN401. You have an option of which software you would like to use. You may use the older software (XBTL1000) and simply change the target type to the new part number. Or you can use the newer software (Vijeo Designer Lite). You will need to convert the existing project in order for the XBTN401 to read it. To do this you will need the XBTH011010 software (XBTL1000). Open the existing project, and change the target type to XBTN401. Save the file as a "dop" file and open it with the new software (Vijeo Designer Lite). From here some manual conversion may be required in order to get the drivers and layouts to work with the new screen.
The part numbers for the replacement are as follows:

Cutout Adapter: XBTZNCO

Replacement Screen: XBTN401