Problem Viewing Momentum 170ENT11001 Web Page Applets. (600 Error access builtin CGI file)



Release Notice

The purpose of this Resolution is to inform users that a problem viewing web page applets from a Momentum 170ENT11001 Ethernet Communication adapter has been resolved.

Goals and Symptoms

Web browsers with Java versions 1.4.2_xx not installed do not properly display the 170ENT11001 web page applets. When trying to launch any page beyond the main page the following error will display. (600 error access builtin CGI file).

Facts and Changes

Installing SUN Java version of 1.4.2_14 into Windows browsers allows the 170ENT11001 web page applets to be viewed properly.

Causes and Fixes

Go to the SUN Java website download and run Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4.2_14.

After installing and enabling this Java version in your PCs control panel the 170ENT11001 web page applets will display properly.