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What is fixed from the Magelis iPC CF Tools V1.8?



Goals and Symptoms

2 types of issues could occur with the CF Tools and 4GB CF cards, references HMYPSC4E01 and MPCYN00CF400N:

1) When you want to do a restore/backup with the ToolsCF.exe and press the button "Search Card", the CF card cannot be found.

2) Depending of the memory size and manufacturer of CF cards, the backup/restore is impossible.

Causes and Fixes

1) Both Schneider Electric CF cards, ref: HMYPSC4E01 & MPCYN00CF400N, come now from the same new manufacturer TDK and not Silicon System. As each CF card has its own signature system, this new signature has been added into the ToolsCF.exe from the version V1.8.

2) When you try to restore a backup file from a 4GB Silicon System CF card, on a 4GB TDK GBDriver CF card, you get the following error message:

"Write error xx on \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEx" (See Screenshot)

The reason is the memory size of the CF card: the memory size of the 4GB TDK DRIVER CF card is lower than the memory size of 4GB Silicon System CF card.
So from ToolsCF.exe version V1.8 or higher, it becomes possible to restore a backup file from a 4GB Silicon System CF card to a 4GB TDK GBDriver CF card.

Please find the attached ToolsCF.exe version V1.8.


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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209354 V1.0, Originally authored by JeMa on 10/10/2012, Last Edited by JeMa on 10/10/2012
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