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Important security notification – M340, Quantum and Premium Ethernet communication modules



Goals and Symptoms

Schneider Electric® has become aware of multiple vulnerabilities in the Ethernet modules for M340, Quantum, Premium PLC ranges, Momentum range and STB I/O.
For M340 PLC ranges

The Ethernet modules crashes 50% of the time when using FileZilla as a FTP Client to transfer files to the modules.

For modules supporting Factory Cast feature for M340, Quantum, Premium PLC ranges
The FactoryCast service accessible to end users allows user to send Modbus messages embedded in HTTP POST requests using SOAP messages that can result in unintended consequences such as (1) stopping of PLCs, (2) Modifying IO data in PLC etc.

For modules for M340, Quantum, Premium PLC ranges
The Ethernet modules with Web Server feature allows user to transmit HTTP commands to modules when user clicks on maliciously formed hyperlinks. This Vulnerability is called Cross Site Forgery.

See the attached Document

Causes and Fixes

See the attached Document


(Removed File URL: 208522_4E82/208522V7.pdf)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/cdfe79ea28c02703c1257b6d00109507/fl_block_5/0.CC?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)208522V7.pdf

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL208522 V4.0, Originally authored by MiKe on 06/27/2012, Last Edited by MiKe on 05/16/2013
Related ranges: Modicon M340, Modicon Quantum NOE - TR, Modicon Premium ETY - TR