How do you Access the Runtime Configuration from a Magelis XBTGT, HMIGTO, XBTGK and HMIGK using Vijeo Designer V6.2?



Need to change some system settings (IP address, date, and time) on the HMI but do not have Vijeo Designer to download the applicaton to it.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer

The Runtime Configuration can be accessed a few different ways depending on how it is configured in the Vijeo Designer application:

1) Switch: Touch the switch set up with the Configuration system operation.

2) Top-Left Corner: Touch the top-left corner of the screen within ten seconds after the unit begins starting up.

3) Touch two corners successively: Touch successively the top left corner then the bottom right corner within half a second. The touch area is 50 dots by 50 dots. Vijeo Designer Runtime restarts and displays the Settings menu.