How to connect remotely to a MB+ network via TCP/IP using the MBX Gateway driver?



Goals and Symptoms

Connecting Using the MBX Gateway Driver

Facts and Changes

MBX Driver Suite v7.1

Causes and Fixes

In order to connect remotely to a MB+ network from another remote PC over a LAN using TCP/IP both PC's will require the following drivers installed:
MBX Driver
Virtual MBX Driver
MBX Gateway Driver
Ethernet MBX Driver

*Only the PC physically connected to the MB+ network need to have the MB+ card installed.

The first thing to do is setup the Local PC connected to the MB+ network as a MBX Gateway Sever.
In order to complete this task you must open the MBX Gateway Server tab by the following:

Next under the MBX Gateway Sever tab set to port number (0-65535) to a TCP/IP port not used elsewhere on the network and if using a firewall make sure that it is open to this port. Once the port number is chosen hit the Start button to start the server.

If the server starts you will see this message in the status window.

Next on the Remote PC setup up a MBX Gateway Client by going into the MBX Gateway configuration and selecting New under the MBX Devices Tab.

In the drop down window chose MBX Gateway.

Now type in the Local Server PC IP address, the port number you selected for the server, and the MBX device number of the MB+ card in the Server PC. Then hit OK and then close the MBX Driver Configuration.

Now you can connect to or monitor the MB+ network from the Remote Client PC by selecting the Adapter Number of the MBX Gateway (for this example Device 0).

A series of screen shots from the Remote PC when using the Mbpstat utility:

A series of screen shots from the Remote PC when using the MXB Demo utility: