Assigning an IP address to a M1E controller that’s fresh out of the box with Proworx32 BootP utility tool.



Goals and Symptoms

Assigning an IP address to a M1E controller thats fresh out of the box with Proworx32 BootP utility tool

Causes and Fixes

1) Change the IP address and subnet mask on your PC to match the same IP scheme as what you are assigning to your M1E processor. (Example PC IP info:,
2) On your PC launch Proworx32 and select BootP under the Utilities tab.
3) Connect an RJ45 crossover cable from the M1E to your PC.

4) Select the New Device button.
5) Enter new IP information in Device Information section.

6) Press the Start Listening button then cycle power to the M1E processor.
(On a power cycle the M1E processor will start broadcasting an ARP with its MAC address)

7) When the device acquires the new IP address the Status in the main window will change from Device not found to M1 Ethernet PLC and you should also notice the LAN ST LED on the processor will be on solid.
(Disregard the Ping Failed message at the bottom at this time)
8) Press the Stop Listening button.

9) Press the Ping button.
(The status at the bottom should respond with the new M1E IP address)
(Do Not Power Cycle the M1E because at this point the IP is only temporary until steps 10 and 11 are completed)

10) You can now open your Proworx32 project and connect with the new IP address and download the project with all the new IP information.
11) After the download is completed and if you dont have a battery backup option module installed you must flash the program to ram memory so if you power cycle the M1E you will not loose all the info you just downloaded to the processor.