What modules support the 140XSM00200 16 point discrete simulator module connector?



What modules will work with the Quantum 140XSM00200 discrete simulator?

Product line:

Looking for a simulator to work with the Quantum I/O modules and what ones will it work with.
The simulator module connector is designed to operate with the 140DAI54000 and the 140DAI74000 modules. These modules are 115 and 230 volts AC and field wire in the same manner. If the power source was reduced to 30 volts or less AC the module 140DAI35300 could also be used for simulating discrete inputs.

NOTE: The Quantum I/O line will be obsolete in 2021 and the x80 I/O is now e new I/O and it will work with the M340 and M580 lines. Talk with your local Schneider office or Distributor for more information.