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Why don't the outputs on my 170AEC92000 High Speed counter work when operating in Mode 4 or 5 with a 24VDC single-ended incremental encoder?



The most common reasons for this problem are as follows:
1. When using 24vdc encoders with single ended signals, broken wire detection for the counter input(s) must be disabled in order for the counter output(s) to function. This is done by setting bit 7 (signal LE_D) of configuration output word 3 (for counter 1) or output word 4 (for counter 2) to a one.

2. The 170AEC92000 module should have a minimum SV (software version) of 1.03. This information can be found on the label, typically on the rear of the I/O base. As this firmware version can not be upgraded in the field, the module will have to be exchanged.

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