How can I set a T function on relay RE11RMXMU?



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How can I set a T function on relay RE11RMXMU?
Customer wants to use bistable relay function which is marked as Tl function. On the product the switch to the position Tl/Tt and connect the Y1 contact in order to control this function but he claims that there is no possibility to set infinite value on time range.
According functional diagram for bistable relay function the time between two pulses is infinite. But the relay all the time starts to count the delay according the position of potentiometers (time range and time unit).
How is possible to get infinite time between two pulses generated by Y1 contact?

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You have to select the range selector 10-100h and adjust the unit potentiometer at maximum => 10, then the time is infinite between two pulses on Y1.

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