How to implement MFB (Motion Function Block) functionality for Lexium 05, Lexium 32, Lexium 15 and IclA drives in Unity Pro for M340?



Goals and Symptoms

How to implement MFB (Motion Function Block) functionality in a Modicon M340 for Lexium 05, Lexium 32, Lexium 15 and IclA drives in Unity Pro?

Facts and Changes

Reference of software used:
- Unity Pro 4.1 and Unity Pro 5.0.

- The standard version of the hardware catalog manager (ver 1.0) is included in both UnityPro versions 4.1 and 5.0

Causes and Fixes

The following is a step by step procedure on how to implement the MFB (Motion Function Block) functionality in a Modicon M340 for Lexium 05, Lexium 32, Lexium 15 and IclA drives in Unity Pro.

A . How to Configure the CANopen Slave?

1, In Unity Pro Project Browser, fully expand the Configuration directory and then double-click on CANopen. The CANopen window appears:

2. Select Edit / New device. The New Device window appears.

3. Under Motion&Drives select:

a. LXM05_MFB for LXM05A drive
b. LXM32_MFB for Lexium32A and Lexium32M drives. See "B. How to Upgrade the Hardware Catalog" if the LXM32_MFB is not listed.
c. Lexium15LP_V1_45 for a Lexium 15LP drive or Lexium15MH_V6_64 for a Lexium 15MP drive.
d. IclA_IFA, IclE_IFA or IclA_IFS for the corresponding IclA drives.

4. Select Edit / Open Module. If MFB has not already been selected, choose it in the Function area.

5. You will now be asked to validate your modifications when closing the CANopen window. This completes the implementation of the MFB functionality for the selected drive(s). For Lexium 32 series drives, please follow the procedure listed below to first upgrade the hardware catalog.

B. How to Upgrade the Hardware Catalog (applies for Lexium 32 drives)
(Note: All the drives mentioned above are part of the Hardware Catalog Manager version 1.0 except LXM32_MFB)

1. Open the Hardware Catalog: Start /Program / Schneider Electric / SoCollaborative / UnityPro / Hardware Catalog Manager. The Hardware Catalog Manager window appears:

2. To upgrade the catalog go to File / Import User Devices and then import the LXM32_MFB.cpxfile. The file is attached to this resolution.

C. Axis Creation and Configuration
1. Right-click on the Motiondirectory and then click on the New axis.
2. Clicking on the New axiscommand will open a dialog box with three tabs.
3. In the General tab, enter a name, selecta servodrive from the list and a compatible CANopen address
4 In the Axis Parameterstab, selectthe reference of the servodrive and the minimum version of the servodrives firmware
5. In the Variables Name tab, enter:a name for the Axis_Ref type variable linked to the servodrive and a name for the Can_Handler type variable linked to the servodrive
6. Click on OK to confirm the selections.

D. Availability of Blocks on the Various Servodrives

Not all blocks are available on all hardware platforms. The blocks available on your Modicon M340 platform with CANopen fieldbus can be found in the following tables:


For further details please refer to the MFB for Modicon M340 using Unity Pro - Start-up Guide attached to this resolution

This completes the procedure on implementing the MFB functionality in UnityPro..


(Removed File URL: 204163_06C2/LXM32_MFB.cpx)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/833f1d1337661839c12577fa0016482f/fl_block_5/0.158?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif) (Removed File URL: 204163_06C2/MFB_for_Modicon_M340_using_Unity_Pro_-_Start-up_Guide.pdf)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/833f1d1337661839c12577fa0016482f/fl_block_5/0.834?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

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