How to import the long comments from a 'ProWROX 32' project into 'ProWORX NxT' project.



Goals and Symptoms

How to import the long comments from a 'ProWROX 32' project into a 'ProWORX NxT' project.

Facts and Changes

'ProWORX 32' version 2.1, SP1A

Causes and Fixes

After opening a 'ProWORX NxT' project ( (i.e., 'NxTDemo')) that was created using the ' Export to
ProWORX NxT' function in 'ProWORX 32', the following error appears when trying to open the
'Documentation Editor'.

If you perform the cleanup as instructed in the pop up window, the following results could get returned
when the 'documentation Editor' window is opened.

  • Missing long comments.
  • Duplicate long comments.
  • No long comments are found.

The following workaround can be used to import the long comments into the 'ProWORx NxT' project.
  • Export the documentation to a '.csv' file (i.e., 'export.csv') by right clicking on the project name and
selecting 'Export Documentation.

  • Open the exported documentation file (i.e., 'export.csv') using Notepad.
  • Open the '.CML' comment file (i.e., NxT_demo.cml, etc.) for the project using notepad. The file is located
in the same folder that contains the 'ProWORX NxT' project.
  • Scroll down the opened file named 'export.csv' and locate the long comment section.
  • Copy the comment that is listed under the line labeled as '/<STARTLONGCOMMENT:0001>/'.
  • Scroll down the opened '.CML' file and locate the section labeled 'COMMENT:0001'.
  • Paste the long comment below this line.
  • Repeat the copy and paste for the other long comments that are listed in the exported
documentation file.
  • Save the changes to the '.CML' comment file by clicking on 'File\Save As'.
  • In the Save As window, click on the down arrow for 'Save As type' and select 'All Files'.
  • Click on the SAVE button.
  • Click on 'Yes' in the pop up window to replace the file.
  • Start 'ProWORX NxT' and open the exported project.
  • Click on 'Display\Documentation Utilities'.
  • Click on the 'Cleanup' button in the 'Documentation Utilities' window.
  • Close the Documentation Utilities' window.
  • Click on 'Display\Documentation Editor' and you should see the long comments.

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