Problem with SIS Label software V3.2U



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Problem with SIS Label software V3.2U

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Causes and Fixes

SIS Label software version 3.2U contains two malfunctions:

1/ WYSIWYG function:
When a new label model containing text is created, or when text is added to an existing model, text printing differs from its appearance on the screen.

2/ Text selection:
When text is selected in a label model it can be modified, but no information is displayed in the "character size" field. If entry of new text is required, a value must first be selected in the "size" field in order to activate the "insert text" button

To correct these two malfunctions, 5 patches have been created, each of which corresponds to an of SIS Label 3.2U (XBY2U) installation language:


By default the patch is installed in the SIS Label installation directory:
C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\SISLabel

The customer can of course select an alternative installation path.

Please find below the link for patch downloading:

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