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What Ethernet port can be used to program a PLC



Goals and Symptoms

What Ethernet port can be used to program a PLC

Facts and Changes

140NOE771xx, TSXETYxxxx

Causes and Fixes


  • Any RJ45 Ethernet port on the Connexium switch can be used to connect to the ETY port of the
Quantum Co-Pro, Premium or M340 PLC There is no capability to program the PLC using the
fiber optic ports.
  • The 'Quantum Co-pro' and 'Premium Unity Co-Pro' PLC's requrie an 'TCP/IP extended connection'
configuration to access the PLC for programming with Unity.
  • PL7 can be connected to the ETY port of the Premium PLC using a standard TCP/IP configuration.
It does not require an extended type of configuration for connecting to the ETY port for
  • The M340 confiiguration requires the correct PLC model to be selected in the Ethernet
configuration in order for Unity to connect.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL201729 V1.0, Originally authored by AlCh on 12/09/2010, Last Edited by AlCh on 12/09/2010
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