Goals and Symptoms

Inform customer of a possibility to Lose the communication between the M340 PLC and the Modbus+ Proxy ref"TCSEGDB23F24FA"

Facts and Changes

Communication loss may occur between the Modbus Plus Un ity PC and the M340 PLC when the following conditions occur:
1. The M340 EGD has a pre-existing connection to the M340 PLC.
2. You change the IP address of the M340 PLC that is connected to the M340 EGD.
3. You donwload the IP address to the M340 PLC froma Modbus Plus Unity PC through the M340 EGD.

Causes and Fixes

A workaround is available:
You must connect directly to the M340 PLC via an Ethernet or USB cable and restart the M340 PLC. The M340 PLC connection to the M340 EGD must be configured on the same IP subnet address as the M340 EGD. Then, communication will be re-established between the Modbus Plus Un ity PC and the M340 PLC.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL200754 V1.0, Originally authored by PaLe on 12/17/2009, Last Edited by PaLe on 12/17/2009
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