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What are the reference numbers for motor cable(s) with free ends for three phase Stepper Motor (BRS) with terminal connections?



Goals and Symptoms
The information contained in this resolution is intended to provide the reference number for motor cable with open ends for three phase stepper motors. Customers referring to the catalogue for Lexium SD3 will not find reference numbers for motor cable with free ends in the 'Options and Accessories' section.
If a customer wishes to select a 3 phase step motor with terminal connections they will not be able to find a suitable motor cable listed in the 'Options and Accessories' section of the Lexium SD3 catalogue.
This will lead to a delay in the customer's ability to order the needed PRODUCTS.
Causes and Fixes
In the Lexium SD3 catalogue on page 5/68 there is a section on motor cables. The catalogue provides reference numbers for motor cables with integrated 6 pin connector only.

Customers wishing to use the BRS motor with terminal box type connections will find the needed reference numbers listed below.

Reference numbers for motor cables with free ends

VW3S5102R30 = 3 meter long
VW3S5102R50 = 5 meter long
VW3S5102R100 = 10 meter long
VW3S5102R150 = 15 meter long
VW3S5102R200 = 20 meter long


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL200398 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 10/31/2009, Last Edited by TVe on 10/31/2009
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