Can Vijeo Citect communicate to a XBTGC CoDeSys application?



Goals and Symptoms

This resolution is an example for setting up the communication between Vijeo Citect and a XBTGC CoDeSys application. It provides a detail overview of the configuration for Vijeo Citect and SoMachine.

Causes and Fixes

SoMachine is a software package which includes Vijeo Designer and CoDeSys. It is used to develop applications for the XBTGC (PLC and HMI Combo) or the M238 (PLC only)
The XBTGC2230T has an ethernet port reserved for the HMI Vijeo Designer. In this example will provide an example for Vijeo Citect to communicate to the CoDeSys PLC via this ethernet port.


1) From CoDeSys, create a new Function Block Diagram (FBD) POU.


2) From CoDeSys, use a ADD Function block to add input1 and input2. The result will be stored in input3


3) From CoDeSys. publish the variables to Vijeo Designer


4) Open up the Vijeo Designer editor from SoMachine and link the variables from the CoDeSys application


5) From Vijeo Designer, add the variables to the scangroup


6) From Vijeo Designer, check to see the variables were added successfully.


7) From Vijeo Designer, create a Modbus TCP/IP slave driver which will be used to communicate to Vijeo Citect. Vijeo Citect (Master) will be resquesting the data from the XBTGC (Slave).


8) From Vijeo Designer create 3 new integer variables (INT datatype) and set the Scan Group to the Modbus TCPIP slave driver (ModbusSlaveTCPIP01)


9) From Vijeo Designer we need to copy the data from SOM_XBTGC2230 Scan Group (CoDeSys) to ModbusSlaveTCPIP01 Scan Group.(Vijeo Citect). We will also use a Conditional Script Event. Anytime "Application_POU_inputx" variable changes value (On Data Change), INT0x (Vijeo Citect) will be updated.


10) From Vijeo Designer, configure an IP address for the XBTGC.


11) Vijeo Citect Communication setup