Function block AVGMV doesn't operate correctly



Goals and Symptoms

Problem Description:
The function block AVGMV doesn't operate correctly if all the following 3 conditions are true:

1. The project has been created under Concept 2.2 SR1 or SR2 AND contains at least
one function block AVGMV.

2. The project has been directly imported to Concept 2.6 SR4 or higher
(without importing first to Concept 2.5 SR1/SR2 or Concept 2.6 SR1/SR2/SR3)

3. The AVGMV input N gets values greater than 50

In this case parts of the subsequent user logic will be overwritten. The resulting events are not predictable (e.g. incorrect operating of the user logic, CPU crash, …)

Causes and Fixes

How to detect and to fix the issue if the application contains AVGMV function blocks:

1. Copy the attached AVGMV.exe into a separate (empty) folder.

2. Run the AVGMV.exe. This will introduce the folder AVGMV and the subfolders

3. Export all the projects containing at least one AVGMV using the Concept Converter.
Use the Menu "File/Export/Project with used DFBs",
This will create the export files "project.asc".
Important: Do not use the Menu "File/Export/Project with used DFBs (Re-Connect to EQUAL)".

4. Copy all the exported Concept projects (ASC files) into folder AVGMV.

5. Click on file AVGMV\BIN\do.bat (this will start the tool).

6. When ready, all the projects which have been affected are repaired and are gathered in
the subfolder OUTPUT.
The original versions of the project files (not repaired) remain in the folder AVGMV.
The projects which are saved in subfolder OUTPUT are affected and must be downloaded to the PLC.
A log file has been created in subfolder LOG, it will list the affected projects.
Not affected projects do not appear in the subfolder OUTPUT and remain untouched in the folder AVGMV.

7. Import all the ASC files from OUTPUT folder using the Concept Converter and download
the application to the PLC.