High Operating Temperatures of Advantys STB Analog I/O



The high operating temperatures of specific Advantys STB analog modules is described in this resolution.

Product Line
Advantys STB


The heat generated by the following Advantys STB analog I/O modules,
· STBACI0320 4 channel analog, current input
· STBACI8320 4 channel analog, current input, HART compatible
· STBACI1400 8 channel analog, current input
· STBAVI0300 4 channel analog, voltage input
· STBAVI1400 8 channel analog, voltage input
· STBACO0120 1 channel analog, current output
· STBACO0220 2 channel analog, current output
· STBAVO0200 2 channel analog, voltage output
is, under normal operating conditions, noticeably greater than the other Advantys STB I/O modules. The microprocessor and digital signal processor, required for this type of module, primarily generate the heat in these modules. These components are guaranteed to operate correctly at higher temperatures by their respective manufacturers.

As a function of Schneiders Standard Quality Control processes, all Advantys modules are certified to operate reliably over 0-60 deg. C. However, the modules listed above have been designed and tested to operate reliably over an extended ambient operating temperature range between -25 degrees C and 70 degrees C.

To ensure continuous product reliability and accuracy, the installation of an Advantys STB Island must adhere to the thermal and mounting considerations detailed in the Advantys System Planning and Installation Guide (part number 31002947). In particular, it is strictly recommended that the product be mounted in a vertical orientation so that natural convection cooling will not be impeded