How to configure the STBEHC3020 for quadrature mode.



How to configure the EHC3020 for quadrature mode.

Product Line
All versions of the Advantys Configuration Software

Windows 7

The following steps show how the the 'STBEHC3020' High Speed Counter module can be configured

for quadrature mode. Test mode is 'used' to simulate the fieldbus and hardware inputs.

  • Wire the 'EHC3020' to the incremental encoder.

  • Double click on the 'EHC3020' module to open the properties window for the module.
  • Configure the parameters as shown.
  • Download the application to the island.

· Start the PLC.
· Place the PLC into 'Test' mode.
  • Set the Input Validation bits to Off.

Enable the Counter Reset bit to 'On'.

Enable the Counter Enable bit to 'On'

To reset the counter, toggle the Counter Reset bit from 0 to 1.