How can I calculate the heat dissipation on a Magelis XBT-GT5230 from the VA rating on the unit?



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Goals and Symptoms

To determine the heat dissipation of a Magelis XBT-GT5230 based on the VA rating of the unit.

Facts and Changes

-1 Watt equals to 3.412 BTU/Hr.
-Power Factor of the Magelis XBT-GT5230 is almost one. But for heat dissipation calculation we will use 0.8
XBT-GT5230 Power Consumption: 26VA

Causes and Fixes

To calculate the heat dissipation you need to consider the type of load you are dealing with. Typically if you have a capacitive or inductive load, you would need to know the power factor (PF) to convert to Watts. :

Watts = VA * PF
VA = Watts/PF
VA = 26/0.8 = 32
32 Watts is about 110 BTU/hr.

Therefore the heat dissipation on a Magelis XBT-GT5230 is 110 BTU/hr. Please choose an electrical enclosure accordingly.

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